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Pretty Small Shose: StylishShoes For Petite Feet


Do you have a hard time finding shoes in smaller sizes?

While many studies show that our feet are getting bigger, several of you have come to me for help finding stylish shoes in small sizes. Stores often only carry sizes 6-9, leaving those of you with smaller feet out in the cold. I feel for you. Everyone should be able to find stylish footwear that makes them feel amazing.

Happily, all is not lost as I recently learned when Pretty Small Shoes approached me. They offered to send me a pair of their hand-made shoes (in my size) to review and share with you. Who knew there was an online mega-store devoted entirely to stocking the prettiest petite shoes?

Since 2009 this UK-based company has been helping gals with small feet buy the shoes they love. With over 700 different fashion-forward styles hand-made from fine leathers, you’re sure to find at least a few pairs you love. I personally became smitten with the Toga sandal.

The Toga is a stunning summer sandal in soft silver leather. Five beautiful crystals adorn the strap that runs up the front of the foot from the toe ring to the ankle strap. An adjustable ankle strap makes for a great fit. I love how there is just a slight heel to provide a little bit of lift. I got so many compliments when I wore them with my tribal print maxi dress at the beach. I couldn’t ask for a more glamorous summer sandal!

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